Do you want to interact with your customers in a way that makes them recommend you? We do (just look at our name). We are Recommended – or simply Reco among friends.

We help B2B companies succeed. We do this by creating a seamless combination of marketing, customer service and communications. As part of the worldwide E3 Agency Network, we are also well equipped to meet any international challenge.

Public sector organisations need to engage the other actors in administration as well as reach the citizens in the relevant target groups as effectively as possible. With our help, you can communicate in a way that makes an impact not only on individuals but on societal level.

Multilevel decision-making, information-intensive products and services, and demanding and multifaceted target audiences. Sounds familiar? Great. Let’s get to work.

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Does your communication advance your strategic goals? Do your employees deliver your brand promise? We will boldly challenge your current thinking and procedures so that we can together start building communication based on real customer insight. With our help, you will make choices you can depend on even in the long run.


Visual design challenges, creates an emotional connection and makes things easier to understand. Effective design that works in any channel is based not on guesswork, but groundwork. Content, services and customer experience also need to be designed in order to succeed.

Communications and content

Does your target audience know that you exist? Is your message understood? If your products or services are complicated, we will help you communicate them clearly – and in the right channels. When you want to create messages that stick, to offer valuable content to your customers or to influence people’s behaviour, we can help you create communication concepts and execute them.

Marketing communication tools

How do you reach your customers effectively and deliver your story in a succinct way? The medium could be a video, a brochure, an event, a social media application or perhaps an attractive infographic. Based on your strategy, we will create marketing communication concepts and multichannel campaigns right down to individual applications.

How do you engage current and potential customers on the web, the mobile and the social media? We will help you design a seamless customer experience that stays consistent throughout all the channels.

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